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casual jacket blazer coat tweed jacket cashmere coat and wool coat
AEBE Collection is an organic brand where design, functionality and awareness coexist.


In AEBE, fashion and clothes are no longer about trends but  about versatility and functionality. We strive to create garments that are versatile and functional, it adjust to your mood and your body.

In AEBE, fashion and clothes are no longer about names but  about design and timelessness.  We are dedicated to design timeless pieces that women will wear time and time again.

In AEBE, fashion and clothes are  no longer about fast access but quality. We only intend to use materials in the highest quality in making our designs a reality.


Founded in New York in 2019. We are an organic brand manufacturing and designing (in-house) leather goods, leather jacket, wool coat, cashmere coat, tweed blazer and jacket and organic cotton clothing. 


Our clothes are built designed for women who share our mindset, women who exist to change the narrative, women who are open to reform past thinking and beliefs. We create clothes for women who know themselves inside-out, women who live autonomously according to the standards they have set for themselves.

AEBE is built designed for women who are untamed.


Our show room is located in the heart of New York. To personally view our pieces or for customisation service, you may send us an email to schedule an appointment.

Our pieces in every collection are attentively designed to meet every woman's need and to adhere to 'Quality over Quantity'. Each of our pieces are to meet 'day + night' wear.

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